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Premiere: 28.07.17

Museumsquartier, Vienna

Choreography: Florentina Holzinger i.c.w. Cecilia Bengolea and Michele Rizzo

Cast: Dance Warrior Gang

Solo Bolero: Maartje Pasman

Midway through the ImPulsTanz - Vienna International Dance Festival 2017, Florentina Holzinger, Vienna’s most dazzling performance artist, will make quite an entrance: she’ll drive up into the courtyard of the MuseumsQuartier with a truck that sports a pop-up boxing ring. Truly a one-time only act, the boxing choreographer – along with Michele Rizzo, Cecilia Bengolea and the 90-strong dance-warrior-gang – has recreated Maurice Ravel’s infamous Boléro according to the composer’s vision: it should be performed outside, preferably in front of a factory hall. Now featuring electronic beats and taking place in front of Vienna’s great contemporary Kulturfabrik, the MQ, this piece is nothing but an all-encompassing work of art with unbreakable energy.

(©) Saleh Rozati

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