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Gallery Felix Höller

Laurent Ziegler & Lucia Ricelli

Premiere: 16.01. 2019

Gallery Felix Höller

Concept: Laurent Ziegler

Dance: Maartje Pasman

Photography: Laurent Ziegler

Painting: Lucia Ricelli


16 Jan '19 - 26 Feb '19 | Gallery Felix Höller

(©) Laurent Ziegler

Flower pedals and fallen leaves, fabrics and colored pieces of glass open doors while others close, touch upon an ever changing landscape, a narrative with no given context. Traces of light illuminate a low lid space, old fashioned slide projectors paint multi-layered structures on a wall, interact with the movement of the dancer Maartje Pasman. The images taken are process-based, sudden appearances on the horizon of our senses.


One of the visual layers on display consists of a painting of the dancer, done by the painter Lucia Riccelli and photographed on color slide film. We search for an open field, a dusty, unknown place that we can reach with our imaginative hands.


»Traces« is an journey through flickering light and a heartfelt collaboration with Laurent Ziegler and Lucia Ricelli.

Fine art prints, limited edition 2017 - 2018

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