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Premiere: 05.06.2013

De Dansers & Theater Strahl 

Halle Ostkreuz, Berlin

Choreography: Wies Merkx

Music: La Corneille

Stagedesign: Charles Corneille

Cast: Guy Corneille, Oliver Moritz, Maartje Pasman, Josephine van Rheenen, Maarten Rischen, Andreas Schwankl, Noemi Wagner


05 June '13 | Halle Ostkreuz, DE     Premiere

06 June '13 | Halle Ostkreuz, DE

07 June '13 | Halle Ostkreuz, DE

20 Sep '13 | Szene Bunte Wähne Festival, AT

21 Sep '13 | Szene Bunte Wähne Festival, AT

10 Dec '13 | Halle Ostkreuz, DE

11 Dec '13 | Halle Ostkreuz, DE

12 Dec '13 | Halle Ostkreuz, DE

13 Dec '13 | Halle Ostkreuz, DE

20 March '18 | Halle Ostkreuz, DE

21 March '18 | Halle Ostkreuz, DE

22 March '18 | Halle Ostkreuz, DE

23 March '18 | Halle Ostkreuz, DE

20 Nov '18 | Stadttheater Anschaffenbrug, DE

22 Nov '18 | Weiße Rose, DE

23 Nov '18 | Weiße Rose, DE

(©) Jörg Metzner

De Dansers in collaboration with Theater Strahl (DE) and Szene Bunte Wähne (AT)

An ideal like only young people have them. Simple, unspoiled and fearless. Trusting each other to the bone and daring to dream big. Finding courage to resist in the midst of great danger. Whatever happens, until the guillotine.

With ROSES, choreographer Wies Merkx brings an ode to the Weisse Rose, the student resistance group against the nazi terror regime founded by siblings Hans and Sophie Scholl. In image, movement and lyrics, seven young performers sketch a group in which trust and solidarity are of vital importance.

Winner IKARUS Award 2013 (DE)

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