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i.c.w. MAAS (NL) & Het Paleis (BE)

Premiere: 30.06.2017

Landestheater Linz U/Hof, Linz

Participating Artists: Nadia Abdelouafi, Roos Euwe, Rimah Jabr, Maartje Pasman, Nastaran Razawi Khorasani, Lotte Rischen, Art Srisayam, Stephan Stock, Julia Carina Wachsmann
Guidance: Moniek Merkx, Sara Ostertag, Tom Rummens
Lights: David Hochgatterer

Residency Schedule:

28 Sep'16 - 2 Oct'16 | MAAS, Rotterdam, NL

26 March'17 - 29 March'17 | Het Paleis, Antwerpen, BE

21 March'17- 29June'17 | Schäxpir Festival, Linz, AT


30 June' 17 | U/Hof, Linz, AT   Premiere

01 July' 17 | U/Hof, Linz, AT

(©) Reinhard Winkler

What can theater be for children? SECHSPLUS invites everyone to explore the thoughts and ideas of the nine Residency artists on this topic. It can be quite a bit: vanishing, appearing, transforming, inventing new languages, moving, thinking, disguising, changing and, of course, having fun. A lot has already been found out, but now it’s for the audience to decide – together with the artists – how it should be continued. 

A pilot project of MAAS Theater en Dans, HETPALEIS and SCHÄXPIR: Starting ten months ago, nine artists from five countries have been working together in Rotterdam, Antwerp and Linz on visionary theater concepts for children. During their ten-day residency at SCHÄXPIR they will present a first version of their work.

SECHSPLUS is a Residency Programme between Schäxpir Festival, MAAS and HET Paleis.

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